Opera 11.50 for Windows changelog

Release notes

Release date: June 28, 2011

Opera 11.50 is a recommended upgrade offering new and improved features, plus security and stability enhancements. For your reference, please see the previous Opera 11.50 beta changelog on the Opera changelogs website.

New and improved features

Code name

Improved user interface

Opera developers continue to make Opera light, bright, and as user-friendly as possible without sacrificing power or flexibility. Some changes are highly visible, such as those to the address and status bars. Also, you will find that much of the skin has been reworked, including a brand new icon set. Some highlights are:

Opera extensions

Opera Link: Password synchronization

The most requested feature for Opera Link is password synchronization.

Opera Mail

Opera Next

Opera Next is a stand-alone installation of the Opera desktop browser intended for testing the development of new features, technologies, and improvements.

Opera Presto 2.9 rendering engine

Speed Dial extensions

Speed Dial extensions are like small web pages embedded in your Speed Dial powered by Opera's extension framework.

Speed Dial tab activation improvements

Windows installer

Web specifications support

For further detailed information, please see:

DOM event handling
HTML5 dataset attribute
HTML5 <input> indeterminate attribute
HTML5 Session history and navigation
HTML5 and SVG classList attribute
HTML5 <time> element
Opera Widgets specification
Selectors API
Server-Sent Events enabled for Web Workers

Changes since Opera 11.50 beta

User interface


Display and scripting


Mail, news, chat







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