Opera 10.50 beta (with Opera Widgets for Desktop) for Windows changelog

Release notes

This is a beta version of Opera. Please use it only on properly backed up computers. It incorporates new features, stability improvements, and a security fix implemented during the Opera 10.50 pre-alpha release cycle.

Release date: February 11, 2010

New features

Better integration with the Windows operating system

Opera Carakan JavaScript engine

Opera "O" tab and menu

The new Opera "O" tab and its associated menu (located on the left side of the Opera Tab bar) replaces the traditional Opera Menu bar. This increases vertical space in the Opera desktop window, and centralizes frequently used features and tools in one, convenient location. Optionally, the new Opera "O" tab and menu can be replaced with the traditional Opera Menu bar by clicking "Show Menu Bar" in the Opera "O" menu. This new Opera feature contains the following items.

Opera Presto 2.5 rendering engine

The Opera Presto 2.5 rendering engine includes the following additions and improvements.


Further Opera Presto 2.5 information (http://my.opera.com/ODIN/blog/opera-10-5-pre-alpha-build-released-here-is-whats-new)

Opera Vega graphics library

Opera Widgets for Desktop

Although they run outside the browser, Opera Widgets have been treated as entities inside the browser in many respects. Widgets are currently managed from within Opera, and they run as long as Opera runs.

The new Opera Widgets for Desktop ends this dependency on the browser and moves Opera Widgets to the next level: that of first-class applications. Above all, the Opera Widgets for Desktop gives widgets the potential to replace some native applications on the computer.

Opera Widgets for Desktop provides a standalone framework, and supports the separation of widgets from the Opera browser user interface, lifespan, and resources.

Opera Widgets for Desktop includes the following features:

Non-modal notification messages

Private browsing

Web Storage

Web SQL Database

Changes and improvements since Opera 10.10 (with Opera Unite)

User interface

  • The new Opera "O" tab and menu
  • New zoom control slide bar located at the right side of the status bar
  • Support for decorated widget window resizing on Windows
  • Widgets starting with profile defined in the installation directory
  • Standalone widget installer application
  • A proper fallback icon for shortcuts to widgets without their own icon
  • Each widget now running with a unique process name on Windows
  • Publisher and Comments entries to the widget "Uninstall" registry key
  • Accessibility improvements to default Opera Unite applications
  • Shows a widget's description when selecting it in the list
  • URLs in widgets opening with the default browser
  • Action for launching the widget import wizard
  • Actions for Select all/none buttons in the widget import wizard
  • Opera Unite status dialog being available from the widget pop-up menu
  • New wizard page for handling leftover widget profiles
  • Opera Help system integration with widget runtime
  • Help tooltip in the widget installer dialog box
  • Version information to the config.xml based on http://www.w3.org/TR/widgets/#configuration-document0
  • API for checking widget version, and support for checking if upgrading the widget
  • API for setting the text of the "Back" button in the wizard dialogs required by the widget runtime installation wizard
  • Support for differentiating file system access icons to the widget runtime installation wizard
  • Password manager for widget runtime with a redesigned context menu
  • Support for zoom for widget runtime
  • Widget runtime-specific context menus and support for "Download More Widgets"
  • Adorns multiline installer labels with scrollbars as needed
  • Implemented widget runtime remote debugging
  • Resizable window to the widget uninstaller
  • Short description to widget installer context
  • Inline password manager button for widgets
  • Restructured the Opera menu
  • Search box and Address box
  • Tab management (MDI)
  • Cache interface
  • Opera Dragonfly debugging tools
  • Inline page search
  • Password manager
  • Quick find:
    • Search history, bookmarks, and content on visited Web pages
    • Use your default search engine within the address field
    • Delete a Web page from within the history drop-down list
  • Startup sequence for widgets
  • Widget installation wizard user interface
  • View submenu of the widget runtime
  • Widget import logic
  • Inline search widget and added IME support
  • Widget manager layout and user interface
  • Widget installation number shows in the widget manager
  • Progress indication when generating a package
  • Widget manager "about" text
  • Remote debug dialog content
  • Enable/disable notifications for widgets
  • GUI (Graphic User Interface) of the Opera Widgets installer and importer
  • Bookmark issues
  • No warning when installing widget to a path to which the user does not have permissions
  • Widget runtime install wizard silently overwiting files
  • Widget folder changing locations
  • Forward button status problem related to validation and "back" navigation
  • Widget made by "Save page as widget" option not starting with a desktop shortcut
  • Unwanted spellcheck occurring with source view
  • Issues on some dialog boxes with third-party mouse plug-ins installed
  • Spellchecker occasionally stopping after correcting a word
  • Spellchecker stopping when pressing Delete and Space
  • MultiEdit fields being spellchecked if the Spellchecker is turned on and does not have focus
  • Import wizard opening every time when opening the browser
  • Help page being opened in new window under the current page
  • Widgets not being imported
  • Disabling "Launch after install" option resets installation wizard
  • Importing an already installed widget disables the installed widget
  • Issue when pressing Enter in a custom search field
  • Issue with a widget if its notification is closed by a click
  • Problem when installing a widget with non-ASCII characters in the widget's name
  • Naming of widget shortcuts
  • Naming of desktop entries
  • Creation of menu bar entries for widgets
  • Widgets packaged within a subdirectory not starting after installation
  • Uninstalling a widget not removing associated directories
  • Widget problem after close attempt without disconnecting from remote debugger
  • Widgets opening all links in the browser instead of just inside the widget
  • Installation of widget with a relative path creating incorrect shortcut
  • Installation of 2 widgets in the same folder making uninstall impossible
  • Widget's "About" window saying "About Opera" instead of "About (widget name)"
  • The "Open folder" option of the Download manager opening the widget installer
  • Displaying of shortcut locations if widget installation failed
  • "Save as Widget" not working on Windows Vista
  • Introduced clear distinction between different kinds of widget names
  • Uninstaller script now using utf-16 rather than utf-8
  • Reinstalling a widget making multiple installations unavailable
  • Microsoft VBScript compilation error while deleting widget with quotation mark in its name

Mail, news, chat

  • Asynchronous loading of mail on startup; improving loading speed
  • Support for IMAP COMPRESS; see RFC 4978 (http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4978.txt)

Display and Scripting

  • Functional buttons support for widgets:
    • Trace mouse events on widget functional buttons
    • Update applied for config.xml parsing


  • Fixed vulnerability in Renegotiation feature of the TLS protocol
    • See our advisory (http://www.opera.com/support/search/view/944/)
    • See the Opera Security blog article (http://my.opera.com/securitygroup/blog/2010/01/23/alpha-testing-tls-renego-fix)


  • Problems when extracting ZIP archives that have directory entries


Opera Help

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