Opera 10.50 (with Opera Widgets for Desktop) for Windows changelog (Final)

Release notes

Opera 10.50 (with Opera Widgets for Desktop) is a recommended Opera browser upgrade offering new and improved features, plus security and stability enhancements. For your reference, the changelog for Opera 10.50 beta 2 (with Opera Widgets for Desktop) is available at the Opera Changelogs for Windows Web site.

Release date: March 2, 2010

New features

Better integration with the Windows operating system

Opera Carakan JavaScript engine

Opera "O" tab and menu

The new Opera "O" tab and its associated menu (located on the left side of the Opera Tab bar) replaces the traditional Opera Menu bar. This increases vertical space in the Opera desktop window, and centralizes frequently used features and tools in one, convenient location. Optionally, the new Opera "O" tab and menu can be replaced with the traditional Opera Menu bar by clicking "Show Menu Bar" in the Opera "O" menu. This new Opera feature contains the following items.

Opera Presto 2.5 rendering engine

Opera 10.50 (with Opera Widgets for Desktop) for Windows contains the latest Opera rendering engine: Opera Presto 2.5, and incorporates the following features.

Support is added for:
Support is added for:
Support is added for:

Opera Vega graphics library

Opera Widgets for Desktop

Although they run outside the browser, Opera Widgets have been treated as entities inside the browser in many respects. The new Opera Widgets for Desktop ends this dependency on the browser and moves Opera Widgets to the next level: that of first-class applications. Above all, Opera Widgets for Desktop gives widgets the potential to replace some native applications on the computer.

Opera Widgets for Desktop includes the following features:

Download acceleration software compatibility

Non-modal notification messages

Private browsing

Web Storage

Web SQL Database

Changes since Opera 10.50 beta 2 (with Opera Widgets for Desktop)

User interface

  • Download acceleration software compatibility (user option); integrates a user's favorite download acceleration software with Opera
    • Check box activation located at: opera:config#UserPrefs|UseExternalDownloadManager
  • A keyboard shortcut for new private windows: Ctrl+Shift+N
  • Support for View Modes through the W3C Widgets Module API:
  • Created a visual design to distinguish between private and non-private windows
  • Removed hardcoded icons from HTML5 <input> elements
  • Skins can now specify the system color scheme as default
  • Changed the private mode icon in the context menu
  • Translations have been updated in Opera Unite applications
  • A white line appearing between a maximized Opera window and the Vista/Windows 7 taskbar
  • Closing tabs from the Task bar leaving a ghost tab in the Task bar list
  • Opera Link only partially synchronizing data (bookmarks)
  • A problem when restarting Opera with "Manage bookmarks" and one or more tabs open
  • Windows Media Player plug-in not initializing
  • An issue when enabling the print preview option
  • Data loss occuring when shutting down the computer while Opera is still closing
  • Context menus not appearing in source view
  • A problem when opening a private tab
  • Only part of a page being visible with Aero Peek after zooming in
  • A problem when correcting spelling with the keyboard in single-line form fields
  • Several tab-modal dialog problems
  • Minimized tabs not resizing to window when activated
  • Minimized tabs not displaying after restart
  • Popups being dragged out and not being able to be brought back in
  • Non-modal dialogs disappearing into the browser chrome
  • Pop-up windows not being skinnable
  • Gmail not working in private browsing mode
  • A problem setting an image on a Web page as a Speed Dial background via the context menu
  • Switching the color scheme from "Windows Aero" to "Windows Vista Basic" and back again corrupts title bar
  • A scrolling issue which freezes the user interface
  • Opera Turbo not working correctly
  • An issue with "Find in page" search if search string starts with a space
  • Several issues with Adobe Shockwave

Display and scripting

  • Video seeking
    • Now possible to seek through videos that are not completely downloaded
    • When skipping forward, unwanted sections will not be downloaded
    • See: W3C section 4.8.7 The video element (http://www.w3.org/TR/html5/video.html)
  • Numerous updates to the Carakan JavaScript engine
  • JavaScript resize clipping, and automatic maximizing of restored tabs and child windows
  • The DEP (Data Execution Prevention) message
  • An issue when disconnecting from Opera Dragonfly remote debug mode
  • A problem when embedding with SVG content
  • Uninitialized data being displayed when using content blocking
  • Several issues with Microsoft Silverlight
  • An issue with WinXP toolbar integration
  • A potential memory leak in context menus
  • An issue with User JS and Browser JS

Mail, news, chat

  • Support for localized webfeeds and webmail providers
  • Absense of context menus for the fields: To, CC, Subject, etc.
  • Attachments being displayed multiple times after deleting mail
  • Occasionally opening mails in new windows shows a blank mail window
  • An issue when replying to an e-mail
  • A problem when double-clicking on "Sent" mail


  • <video> seeking using HTTP byte range requests
    • Created HTTP range based cache subsystem to support <audio> and <video>
  • Various issues with Opera Widgets
  • A firewall alert occurring when starting Opera on Windows 7


  • Fixed vulnerability in Renegotiation feature of the TLS protocol
    • See our advisory (http://www.opera.com/support/search/view/944/)
    • See our Opera Security blog article (http://my.opera.com/securitygroup/blog/2010/01/23/alpha-testing-tls-renego-fix)
      • For your reference, this security fix was implemented in the Opera 10.50 (with Opera Widgets for Desktop) beta 1 for Windows release on February 11, 2010.
  • Fixed exposure of widget properties to third party domains; see our advisory (http://www.opera.com/support/search/view/959/).


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