Opera 10.01 for Windows Changelog

Release Notes

Opera 10.01 is a recommended security and stability upgrade. Opera highly recommends all users to upgrade to Opera 10.01 to take advantage of these improvements.

Release date: October 28, 2009

Changes and improvements since Opera 10.00

User Interface

  • Opera Link button with dropdown menu on the status bar; access to Opera Link in the main menu moved to Tools
  • Issue with Opera Turbo and plug-in placeholders
  • Enabling Opera Turbo for the first time not showing the Opera Turbo information page
  • Opera not synchronizing more than 9 Speed Dials
  • Open instance of Opera not running when a laptop enters its wakeup stage
  • Commandline URL length being limited while Opera is running
  • Font enumeration problem
  • Issue when opening File open/Save dialog boxes

Mail, news, chat

  • Problem creating a new mail account
  • Drafts sometimes missing after upgrading to Opera 10.00
  • Follow/Ignore contact not working from the message header toolbar


  • Fixed an issue where certain domain names could allow execution of arbitrary code, as reported by Chris Weber of Casaba Security ; see our advisory
  • Fixed an issue where scripts can run on the feed subscription page, as reported by Inferno ; see our advisory
  • Fixed an issue where Web fonts could be used to spoof the page address, as reported by John Daggett ; see our advisory
  • Fixed a security issue; details will be disclosed at a later date.


  • Custom changes to operaprefs not appearing when upgrading from a version older than Opera 10.00
  • Issue of 100% CPU usage fixed by preventing and avoiding the filling up of message loop
  • Opera not starting after computer reboot
  • Startup problem when Opera is installed in a path with a 2-byte character
  • Problem when upgrading single-user installation of Opera with no reference in registry


Opera Help

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