Changelog for Opera 7.20 beta 7 for linux

Opera version 7.20 beta 7 is now available for download.


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Toolbars and menus


Mouse, keyboard and shortcuts


Drag and drop (DnD)

Window management

  1. The saved windows sizes in session files were in some cases wrong. This would cause problem when normalizing a maximized window after a session was loaded. The window could be opened outsize the visible workspace
  2. Top level windows will now not open outsize or partly outside the visible desktop area. This could happen with certain window managers
  3. Improved the cascading of top level windows. It could be difficult to understand a new window has been opened because it opened right above the current window
  4. Added support for WM_WINDOW_ROLE property
  5. Added support for "Placement by Opera" preference setting. This allows toplevel windows to not be positioned by opera, but rather the window manager when the window opens.
      [User Prefs]
      Window Placement By Opera=0|1 (1 is default setting)
  6. Fixed a synchronization problem when minimizing a document page. The corresponding page tab would not always indicate the minimized state
  7. Fixed an "open in background" problem when the source window was a non-maximized page. The new page would be activated
  8. Improved handling when closing a page. If a maximized page is closed then the new active page will not be maximized if it was not already maximized
  9. Correct behavior for "always cascade" page setup mode

Privacy and security

M2, Opera's new e-mail and news client



Kiosk mode

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