Opera 10.61 for UNIX changelog

Release notes

Release date: August 12, 2010

Opera 10.61 is a recommended security and stability upgrade. Opera highly recommends all users to upgrade to this version to take advantage of these improvements.

Changes since Opera 10.60 for UNIX

User interface

  • Geolocation for FreeBSD
  • "Fraud Protection" renamed to "Fraud and Malware Protection"
  • Not being able to type in Gnome/Metacity (or xmonad) after the F2 URL dialog has displayed
  • Checkmarks and Radio buttons (Option marks) in menus looking different from native
  • Flash not receiving mouse release events when run under Openbox/Awesome (or KDE-kwin with "focus follows mouse")
  • Relative paths not working in the Filename setting for Speed Dial background
  • yahoo.cn mailproviders SMTP entry not using a submission port
  • Changing the default cookie preference to "Accept all cookies"
  • Linux special web keys not working: XF86Back and XF86Forward
  • Double-click pop-up menu not closing
  • Poor styling of pop-up menus in KDE
  • Checkmarks and radio buttons (option marks) in menus looking different from native
  • Not being able to right-click in the Bookmarks menu under UNIX
  • Menu seperators being the wrong color
  • Widget installed globally not appearring in the widgets panel
  • Lines being painted on top of scrolled area
  • Page scrolling up when moving scrollbar knob, and styles consisting of double arrows (plastique, polyester, oxygen, qtcurve)
  • Tab cycler being too high when the Menu bar is enabled
  • Not being able to type in Cyrillic with a Ukranian or Bulgarian keyboard layout, and ru_UA.utf8 or bg_BG.utf8 locale on Ubuntu
  • Incorrect package installer description
  • Keyboard shortcuts with Dvorak layout using a qwerty layout
  • Multiple preference dialogs being opened for a widget on Linux
  • Menus and submenus being opened and closed too quickly
  • Scrollbar not reaching all the way to the top and bottom in certain GTK styles
  • Difficulties creating new lines with scim
  • IME characters not being highlighted during conversion
  • With compositing enabled and using a skin with transparency, the Speed Dial will look unattractive
  • Translation missing in the widget installer
  • Opera closing when trying to chose an application in a download dialog to open a downloaded file
  • Check mark in a check box not being centered in x11 mode
  • Opera closing when saving certain files or starting a torrent
  • Status bar not appearing
  • Opera closing when draging/dropping a link
  • Scrollbar having the wrong background color for some GTK themes
  • Scrollbar button corners not being rounded for some GTK themes
  • "Accept cookies" and "only from the site I visit" settings being incorrect in Preferences dialog

Display and Scripting

  • Yahoo search causing random closing of Opera
  • Pages failing to load after a DNS update/change
  • Opera closing when using vBulletin's WYSIWYG editor
  • Loading an animated png causes high CPU usage with no response from the browser
  • Google Calendar compatibility
  • Unite listening on UDP 1900 even if UPnP service discovery is off
  • Opera closing when in the POSIX host resolver
  • Several cases where widgets will not run
  • Opera closing when loading qq.com
  • Setting the onload property of XMLHttpRequest blocks document memory from being garbage collected
  • Opera treating binary files as plain text (opening it in the browser instead of showing a download dialog)
  • Opera closing when loading the Canvas demo
  • Printing from print preview results in either a freeze or corrupted page
  • Widgets not having access to a network after restart
  • Opera closing with common plug-ins
  • Disk cache not working correctly in turbo mode


  • Fixed an issue where heap buffer overflow in HTML5 canvas could be used to execute arbitrary code, as reported by Kuzzcc; see our advisory.
  • Fixed an issue where unexpected changes in tab focus could be used to run programs from the Internet, as reported by Jakob Balle and Sven Krewitt of Secunia; see our advisory.
  • Fixed an issue where news feed preview could subscribe to feeds without interaction, as reported by Alexios Fakos; see our advisory.


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