Opera 10.10 beta 1 for UNIX changelog

Release notes

Release date: October 14, 2009

This is a beta version of Opera. Please use it only on properly backed up computers. Opera for UNIX changelogs incorporate changes for FreeBSD, Linux, and Solaris operating systems.

New feature

Opera Unite

Opera Unite gives you the power to connect with others directly and to collaborate and share information from your computer without storing any data on external servers. It enables you to unleash the true power and reality of the "one Web for all" experience. When you choose to share something on your computer using Opera Unite technology, it is available for family, friends, or the entire world — you decide what to share and how to share it with users that you trust. To communicate with you or access your shared data, others can use any modern Web browser they like.

Opera Unite initially includes the following Opera Unite applications, which are small Web-service programs running inside the Opera 10.10 browser.

Opera Unite Home
Your personal Opera Unite Web page shows the Opera Unite applications you wish to share with family, friends, or the world.
File Sharing
The File Sharing application enables a simple and safe way to share files directly from your computer.
The Fridge application enables people to leave notes on your computer.
Media Player
The Media Player application enables access to your complete home music library from wherever you are.
Photo Sharing
The Photo Sharing application enables you to share your personal photos with friends around the world without the need to upload them.
Web Server
The Web Server application enables you to host your Web sites from your own computer.
A personal and private chat connection between you and another Opera Unite user who is listed as your friend on myopera.com.

Documentation for users and developers can be found at the following Opera Unite Web sites:

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Opera Unite blog
User interest
Opera Unite user guide
Opera Unite FAQs
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Opera Unite labs release article
An introduction to Opera Unite
Opera Unite developer's primer
Opera Unite API reference
Opera Unite File I/O reference
Markuper: The Opera Unite template library
Setting up custom domains for Opera Unite

Changes since the Opera Unite labs release

User Interface

  • Opera Unite Messenger application to initial Opera Unite applications
  • Access to <img /> attribute longdesc="..." URLs via an "Image Description" context menu item
    • Enables opening long descriptions of images marked up with longdesc attributes
  • Opera Portal as feed provider
  • New dialog box for "Advanced Settings" providing more options for:
    • Setting UPnP and alternate ports
    • Upload speed
    • Application visibility (hiding your applications from search engines or other Opera Unite application pages)
  • Disallow search engines to index Opera Unite by default
  • Disabled advanced settings button if "disabled" is selected
  • All Opera Unite applications now use the new Yusef library
  • Opera Unite attention state identifier (brown dot): appears in the Opera Unite icon (on the status bar) when new Opera Unite users join the local network
  • Opera Unite notification in the tray icon on UNIX platforms
  • Support for discovered devices
  • Invalid Opera Unite device names are no longer saved
  • Implemented better Opera Unite application deletion control
  • Moving an Opera Unite application to Trash now warns about stopping the application
  • Special characters no longer allowed to be set as the address for an Opera Unite application
  • Opera Unite status dialog box is now available from the Opera Unite icon menu
  • UPnP service discovery defaults to a state of "on"
  • "Remember my password" now enabled by default in Login dialog box
  • Global visibility options not being saved when enabling Opera Unite
  • Advanced settings are now disabled when choosing to upgrade an application
  • Enhanced local application discovery
  • Separate error console messages for Opera Link and Opera Unite
  • Time interval for the default Opera update check
  • Produced a more compatible SVG icon with Inkscape
  • Naming of Opera Unite "services" to Opera Unite "applications"
  • Removed "Do you want to start Unite now?" dialog when you first click on a Unite application
  • Starting Opera Unite Home
  • 'Empty Trash' action in Opera Unite is now disabled when Trash is empty
  • Opera Unite panel to open when an application is installed in all cases
  • Setting a shared Opera Unite image as a Speed Dial background
  • Ensured that Opera Unite applications cannot manage each other
  • Problems when running multiple instances of the same Opera Unite application
  • Application deletion warning showing after dragging an Opera Unite application to Trash
  • Removed the "Ok" button from the Opera Unite download dialog box
  • Local cookies not being listed in site preferences cookie tab
  • Storing the username even though password is not stored
  • Logging out and logging in with a different username
  • The "Restart Opera Unite" option in startup dialog
  • Remember password not being enabled by default
  • An application description tooltip showing in the panel
  • Opera Unite status dialog losing the status text selection on status update
  • Adding the device name to an error message
  • Starting an Opera Unite application when Opera Unite is not running
  • Issues with the Opera Unite Home, Media Player, and Photo Sharing applications
  • Activity feeds for improved Opera Unite Fridge application usability
  • Upgrade from an Opera build without Opera Unite to a build with Opera Unite not adding the Opera Unite status icon
  • Issue when upgrading from an older Opera Unite build
  • Multiple dialogs showing when deleting several Opera Unite applications
  • Opera Link and Opera Unite buttons being duplicated in a customized toolbar
  • Speed shortcut not working when number of the last Speed Dial slot is entered in the Address bar
  • Enabling Opera Turbo for the first time not showing the Opera Turbo information page
  • The attention state indicator in Opera Unite not updating
  • Synchronizing more than 9 Speed Dials
  • Problem when trying to open a .pdf file
  • Problem when selecting "Search in Web" from the Address Bar
  • Opera Unite problem when closing Opera
  • Custom changes to operaprefs not included when upgrading from an Opera version older than Opera 10
  • Issue when dragging an Opera Unite application into a folder
  • Sometimes not using the specificed device name from opera:config
  • Opera Unite not opening when starting for the first time
  • Double-clicking an application in the Opera Unite panel opens a new tab
  • Installing a local Opera Unite application "moves" the archive instead of it being "copied"
  • Several BitTorrent issues
  • Panel Bar opening as default when starting Opera for the first time
  • Speed Dial configuration issue
  • Minimizing the Opera Autoupdate dialog box when the Status Bar is disabled
  • Problem viewing SVG source markup
  • Issue when updating a Speed Dial entry while "Work Offline" is enabled
  • Issue when clicking "Download and install" in Opera Autoupdate dialog box
  • Problem when opening a downloaded Widget
  • System Tray update issue when switching to/from in Opera Unite
  • Action and user discovery output in terminal when opening Opera Unite menu
  • An issue when opening an Opera Unite application option list
  • Closing a Widget from the taskbar
  • Random occurence of downloads not starting
  • Several tray icon related issues

Mail, News, Chat

  • New mail.ru mailto URL with utf-8 support
  • New style for "no message selected"
  • Signature handling
  • E-mails appearing in different views
  • Viewing sent IMAP messages creating draft copies in 'List only' display mode
  • E-mail address corruption when no space is placed after quote or name
  • Issue when adding an attachement
  • Automatic re-joining of channels
  • Zoom box in the e-mail compose page
  • Seeing which mail is selected when focus is placed on the mail body
  • Some encoding problems in the Opera Mail error dialog box
  • F2 dialog in Opera Mail view opens page in a background tab
  • Styling of "No message selected"
  • Mouse gesture problem when using Opera Mail

Display and scripting

  • Implemented sharedPath() and unsharePath() in the DOM
  • Issue causing the simultaneous opening of multiple pop-ups
  • UPnP service discovery event handling
  • Updated the Opera Debian repository signing key in .deb packages
  • Enabling UPnP service discovery by default
  • Disabled devices not being removed from discovered devices list during UPnP service discovery
  • UPnP memory leaks on Linux
  • Removal of unused strings
  • Plug-in related issues


  • Private key authentication for UPnP service discovery


  • Visibility of Opera Unite users on a local network
  • Reconnection to proxy after stopping and starting Opera Unite
  • Setting an "OK" status on proxy reconnect
  • Web Server application issue when UPnP service is disabled
  • Preventing every device but the first to notify the correct opened port to the proxy
  • Ensured that cookies are sent when connecting directly to a Unite service
  • Access to IPv6/v4 hybrid sites without an IPv6 route
  • Web Server application not serving proxied requests


  • Added further updates from the translators
  • Enabled detection of IP changes
  • UPnP service discovery
  • Rejection of Applications with servicepath starting in "_"
  • In Yandex, incorrect spelling of search engine name in Russian, Ukrainian
  • Issue of 100% CPU usage fixed by preventing and avoiding the filling up of message loop
  • Issue with Opera not starting on Mandriva


Opera Help

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