Opera 12.10 Beta Changelog - Bug Fixes

Release date: 2012-10-02

The following is a full list of bugs fixed by this version of Opera. To view the major changes and improvements for this version, please see the changelog.

Fixes and Stability Enhancements since Opera 12.02

General and User Interface

  • Incorrect behavior with webpages occasionally stuck 'loading' forever
  • Cache update process would not be properly aborted when navigating away from site before update finish
  • Errors with keyboard shortcuts in 12.50 while using Russian layout
  • Problems loading Flowplayer with Flash 11.4

Display and Scripting

  • Pages would no longer fit-to-width when zooming under certain conditions
  • JavaScript added to the DOM by a bookmarklet would not load
  • XPath problems when using a literal predicate
  • Unable to complete secure transaction (with an error) under certain conditions
  • Opera isn't connecting to some secure pages correctly
  • Opera doesn't use X-OC headers from HEADERS frame sent by turbo-spdy server
  • Minor error with SVGStringList
  • Allow document.execCommand(copy|cut|paste) on non-editable documents
  • Errors related to prefix changes in CSS Transitions, Animations and Transforms
  • -o-linear-gradient not recognizing legacy position/angle syntax
  • LocalStorage problems in Dragonfly and extensions
  • Using WebSocket('ws://.') causes a syntax error, breaks Modernizr feature detection
  • Accessing the parentNode object too early in page load fails

Mail, News, Chat

  • Keyboard shortcuts in the mail compose window would be repeated twice under certain conditions

Network and Site-Specific

  • tv2.no and dinside.no: Errors when appending scripts to doc.written element
  • Netgear router configuration pages: Links take an extremely long time to come up
  • slashdot.com: Some links not working
  • outlook.com - People: Clicking on an entry doesn't show contact information
  • Pasteboard.co: FileReader's readAsDataURL fails with large images


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