Opera 12.00 for Mac Changelog - Bug Fixes

Release date: 2012-06-14

The following is a full list of bugs fixed by this version of Opera. To view the major changes and improvements for this version, please see the changelog.

Fixes and Stability Enhancements since Opera 12.00 beta

General and User Interface

  • Fixed an issue with missing region definitions for some regions
  • Fixed UI artifacts in viewport when scrolling a page containing a fixed element with 100% height
  • Fixed an issue with the tab bar
  • Resolved an issue where hovering the close button in an inactive tab would steal its hover state, instead of propagating it
  • Fixed incorrect address bar focus and update behavior
  • Fixed an issue where search suggestion latency could provide incorrect suggestions under certain conditions
  • Cancelling address field dropdown now reverts it to its previous state
  • Fixed several minor issues with browser history
  • Fixed an issue with Speed Dial entries not updating under certain conditions

Display and Scripting

  • Behvior improvements and enhancements to HTML5 Drag and Drop
  • Fixed Canvas clearRect behavior
  • Resolved an issue where XMLHttpRequest.status becomes 0 instead of 401 or 407 on cached response
  • Fixed artifacts in WebM videos
  • Fixed an issue with scripts saturating setInterval()
  • Corrected responseXML's null behavior
  • Fixed incorrect behavior with window.close and a user-initiated event
  • Resolved an issue where clearTimeout() would not remove timeout
  • Fixed a clipping error when combining CSS transforms and opacity
  • Fixed some issues with painting and repainting that could occur under certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue with drag and drop resource usage
  • Resolved an issue with dates showing incorrectly for some JavaScript calendars

Mail, News, Chat

  • Fixed an issue with long attachment names preventing some UI elements from showing properly

Network and Site-Specific

  • Resolved some issues with Google sites
  • Resolved an issue that caused some third-party login systems to fail under certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue with HTTPS connections and proxies


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