Opera 10.52 beta 2 (with Opera Widgets for Desktop) for Mac changelog

Release notes

This is a beta version of Opera. Please use it only on properly backed up computers. It incorporates new features, stability improvements, and security fixes. For your reference, the changelog for Opera 10.50 beta 1 (with Opera Widgets for Desktop) for Mac is available at the Opera Changelogs for Mac Web site.

Release date: April 15, 2010

New features

Better integration with Mac native systems

Opera Carakan JavaScript engine

Opera Presto 2.5 rendering engine

The Opera Presto 2.5 rendering engine includes the following additions and improvements.


Opera Vega graphics library

Opera Widgets for Desktop

Although they run outside the browser, Opera Widgets have been treated as entities inside the browser in many respects. The new Opera Widgets for Desktop ends this dependency on the browser and moves Opera Widgets to the next level: that of first-class applications. Above all, Opera Widgets for Desktop gives widgets the potential to replace some native applications on the computer.

Opera Widgets for Desktop includes the following features:

Non-modal notification messages

Private browsing

Web Storage

Web SQL Database

Changes since Opera 10.50 beta 1 (with Opera Widgets for Desktop) for Mac

User interface

  • Mac Universal Binary (including PPC)
  • Mouse pointer is now hidden when the keyboard is used
  • Changed the zoom modifier from Cmd to Option to prevent accidental usage
  • Revamped screen reader code
  • Reintroduced VoiceOver support
  • Added shortcuts for changing tab from HIG (Human Interface Guidelines):
    • Ctrl + Tab (to move to the right)
    • Ctrl + Shift (to move to the left)
  • Several issues with Bookmarks
  • Mouse pointer not working properly in plug-ins
  • An issue when printing forms
  • Dropdown menu not always opening
  • An issue when adjusting the print facility paper size
  • An issue with Java not working properly
  • Deleting a bookmark closing/collapsing all folders
  • Focus being lost when deleting bookmarks
  • Plug-in not moving to a new parent window when dragging a tab to it from a different window
  • Integrated search searches in Google and not in the page
  • A problem when starting Opera with an old profile
  • Minimized tabs not displaying after a restart
  • Favicon not being added to Bookmarks due to a question mark in the filename
  • Long delay when triggering keyboard shortcuts
  • An issue when using "Copy Image to Clipboard"
  • A problem when using Cmd + Ctrl + arrow
  • Cmd + T not opening a new window if there are no open windows
  • Not being able to restore windows when minimized to an application icon
  • Problem occurring with the Westpac Australian Bank Web site
  • Long accept-language headers causing site compatibility issues (also for Opera Unite)
  • Occasional one minute freeze on initial Opera startup
  • Context menu stops working after bringing it up on a plug-in object
  • Right-click scrolling not bringing up tab cycler
  • Problem when loading a video (Flip4Mac)

Mail, news, chat

  • Ability to get block quotes as text
  • Chat notification appearing if a chat tab is active
  • Attachments not being accessible for sent messages
  • Ghost e-mails appearing in the Trash folder after emptying it and restarting Opera
  • Message not loading when it is deselected and selected again
  • Mail being blank when using fit to width
  • Attached files not being sent if mail is sent immediately after attaching them
  • Opera Mail welcome e-mail message not being localized

Display and Scripting

  • Enabled smooth scrolling by default on Mac
  • Font drawing being optimized via direct access to core graphics
  • Numerous site compatibility and speed improvements to the Carakan JavaScript engine
  • Excessive CPU and memory usage on startup
  • Incorrect mouse cursors in Flash
  • Icons missing from menus in 16-bit colour mode
  • Slow scrolling performance
  • Opera selecting the bold version of a typeface instead of the normal version
  • Thumbnails having yellow backgrounds
  • Dialogs not being in Mac native format
  • Appropriate CJK fonts not being used; wrong font on initial loading, and correct fonts are ignored
  • Drawing fonts being changed from ATSUI to low level functions
  • Text in native form controls not being painted when scrolling
  • Address bar drop-downs covering the address field on a second monitor
  • Problem when changing to the Opera Standard skin
  • Opera Dragonfly not selecting an active tab when opened


  • Speed improvements on IPv4 name lookup on Mac OSX (Snow Leopard)
  • Cookies received over NPAPI being incorrectly parsed


  • Fixed a vulnerability in Renegotiation feature of the TLS protocol
    • See our advisory (http://www.opera.com/support/search/view/944/)
    • See the Opera Security blog article (http://my.opera.com/securitygroup/blog/2010/01/23/alpha-testing-tls-renego-fix)
    • Important note: This security fix was implemented in the Opera 10.50 (with Opera Widgets for Desktop) beta 1 for Mac release on February 25, 2010.
  • Fixed an issue where XSLT could be used to retrieve random contents of unrelated documents, as discovered by crazypops; see our advisory (http://www.opera.com/support/search/view/949/)
    • Important note: This security fix was implemented in the Opera 10.51 for Windows release of March 22, 2010, and is also built into this Opera 10.52 beta 2 for Mac release.


  • PPC crash logger

Opera Widgets for Desktop

  • Widget secondary click menu not displaying correct keyboard shortcuts
  • Problem with widget notifications
  • Widget being presented on the widget panel if manually removed
  • Not being able to install multiple instances of one widget
  • Opera Unite Music Player and Ebook reader widgets always capturing focus
  • Not being able to install a widget with default settings as a standard user
  • Default widget name being displayed in the widget panel even if a custom name was set
  • Notifications not displaying text on Mac
  • A widget with a long name failing to install


Opera Help

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