If you’re one of our Desktop blog regulars, then you’ve probably already virtually talked to Leo Gomes.

Leo  recently hit the 1000-mark in the comments section of this blog. 1000-plus comments is a lot! And, with Leo, it isn’t just a matter of quantity, but also quality –  we’re pleased with the engagement he’s shown by objectively and constructively discussing ideas with developers and users alike.

Say “Hi!” to Leo if you pass by him in the comments section. He’s the one with this avatar:

If you’re curious, his avatar is a character from a music video by the Japanese band Scandal. It took a while before we spotted it. Can you?

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  • x a

    Congrats, Leo! 🙂

  • http://www.operaturkiye.net/ Mağruf Çolakoğlu

    Congratulations man 🙂

  • Vux777

    Hi Leo!
    Congrats Leo! ツ

  • L33t4opera

    Congrats! and Welcome Home Leo 😉

  • blackcoder

    Congratulations. 🙂

  • https://vivaldi.net/unity/profile/chas4/6-blog Chas4


  • http://www.operaturkiye.net/ Mağruf Çolakoğlu

    But he doesn’t put comments here 🙂

    • NoName

      He might be busy on the desktop blog 🙂

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Usually, i don’t. 🙂

  • Sidney Moraes

    Congrats, Leo!

  • Leonardo Gomes

    Thanks Opera and Vera for the article. And thanks everyone for the comments.

  • Kapaysyi

    Wooww… great, and im pakaku … 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/citra.jaya Hardisulaeman

    beautiful women

  • http://chimerastory.in/ Varsha Bansal
  • http://www.facebook.com/hector.maciasayala Hector Macias Ayala