Last week, Lars Boilesen – our CEO – went on Bloomberg. He talked about what Opera are doing these days, how we see the future of mobile phones and the importance of internet access in the world.


If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at the interview right here.

How we are connecting people to the web
Our technology is based on connecting people to the internet. We believe that everyone should be able to access information online. What we see, is that many can’t afford to access the web, or don’t have the technology to participate. In the U.S., about 60% run out of data on their mobile subscriptions every month. And many are worried about the cost of going online because of expensive data plans.

Powerful compression
We have made powerful compression technology that will help people to connect and stay online. We make browsers that are standards compliant, and we work with a lot of companies to make internet access more affordable.

This is our current line-up of products that you can install and use to support our cause:
Opera browser: A browser for Windows and Mac, also available for Android
Opera Mini: A fast and powerful mobile browser, works on nearly any device
Opera Max beta: Our latest and greatest data-savings app for Android
Opera Coast: A browser that looks great and uses all the touch features of iPhone or iPad

Espen Thoresen

Works as Engagement Director and is responsible for social media in Opera Software. Love digital media and tech-stuff. In my "offline" life I enjoy spending time in the woods outside Oslo - either skiing or riding my bike.

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  • Rafael Luik

    He evaded almost every question to do marketing instead… Bad if you ask me.

  • Drewfus

    One way to reduce data consumption is to minimize the ‘click link, click back, click another link, click back, click…’ nature of web browsing. This concept would help:

    It means running the browser in a 2-pane mode, where 1 pane (usually left) is deemed the source pane, and the other pane is deemed the target pane. The source pane is temporarily locked, allowing the receive pane to display the linked pages. Be the first browser to do this!

    • Frenzie

      I don’t know if Opera was the first browser to do that, but what you’re describing sounds an awful lot like create linked window coupled with MDI. To quote from, e.g., the Opera 8.52 help pages, a linked window constitutes a “new page in which to open links clicked in current page.”

      • Drewfus

        That description sounds fairly close to what i have in mind. I’m trying to work out how to enable the Window menu in 21.0. Any help would be appreciated. 🙂

        • Frenzie

          Unfortunately Opera/Blink (15+) is completely different and even conceptually mostly unrelated to Opera/Presto (7-12).

          • Drewfus

            I see. So how do I request the feature more formally? I think it would be really useful, for the reasons outlined in that MS post, especially on larger than phone systems.

          • Frenzie
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  • P Head

    Apparently even the CEO doesn’t know why to use Opera 15+.

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