Avoiding certain apps because of their heavy data usage? Our data-savings app Opera Max finally solves that problem. Here are a few of our favorite (data-sucking) apps that work great with Opera Max.

Vine perfectly demonstrates the power of Opera Max. The user base of this video-sharing app has exploded over the last year. The problem is that these videos will often consume your data plan and, ultimately, cost you a lot of money. With Opera Max, however, you can keep on trucking through those six-second video clips.

The Flipboard app lets you organize the info you want to look at, then flip through it like you would a magazine. It’s a beautiful app that works hand-in-hand with Opera Max.

From the founders of YouTube, Mixbit is a video-app that lets you create, edit and share videos from your phone. Opera Max is the only data-savings app that also compresses video, so go ahead and give Mixbit a try.

To stay up to date, try News Republic. This app aggregates the biggest news stories. (Thanks for the suggestion, Léon McGregor!). For tech news, Appy Geek with its clever user-interface is a good choice.

Opera Max auto-detects expensive data, which means that the app stays out of the way if the data is free. You can set Opera Max to detect when you are roaming or out of your network and prevent apps from using any expensive data.

What apps have given you great results with Opera Max? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • http://lemcgregor3.wordpress.com/ Léon McGregor

    The one app I use that makes for great savings [about 40%] is news republic. That makes sense, as the app is made by the same people that make appy geek.

    • MagnusPeter

      Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂 Added the app to the post.

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  • lars_g

    I’d like to test Opera Max. But the download is not enabled for Venezuela (for some reason). Will it be enabled in the future?

    • http://velmont.no/ Odin Hørthe Omdal (odinho/Velm

      Services such as these need data centers to be quite close to the ones who use it. Also, they need to be able to handle the (HUGE!) traffic it incurs. It’s a new product as well, it’s easier to first see how people use it and iterate before scaling out bigger.

      The launch was only in the US, but now it’s also in Europe, and I think we’ll open up more places as we get new data centers.

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  • Winston Yap

    In fact the latter versions of Opera are regressive.
    Especially where the customisation of fonts are concerned.
    Like for example, the fonts of the drop down menu.
    These are very small and there is no way to customise them.

  • Sumit Das

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  • lemontr

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  • patkoscsaba

    I have the biggest savings with AccuWeather (4.7mb used, 3.0mb saved). It’s unfortunate it uses only a few megabytes anyway.

    Here is what I would like to have in Opera Max:
    1. Notify my when I am out of savings!!! This is very important. Going once per week to that page and “refilling” the savings battery is stupid enough. If I have to do it, at least tell me when it is time.
    2. More savings on the Amazon Kindle app and on email (I use K9 Mail at the moment). I do not know their inner workings, https, http or other protocols, I just want to say that they are quite big data users and with extremely low savings. For example the Kindle app on my Android used 28.2 MB with only 2KB savings. Almost nothing.

    Other then these observations, great job guys, I love Opera Max.

    PS: I can’t stand not to mention my disappointment of the still not released Opera Browser for Linux (I mean new versions, not the outdated 12 series).

    • Steve Barker

      Agree with PS, but no FreeBSD version in my case.

    • http://velmont.no/ Odin Hørthe Omdal (odinho/Velm

      Kindle is either using an encrypted connection (SSL/https) or compressing stuff to the max (heh) already, and we can’t compress that.
      Many mail providers are using SSL/TLS, and that is a good thing. You don’t want anyone connected to that café-wifi to be able to read your email and get your passwords. It does make it harder to compress though.

      It’s especially with video that Max is particulary effective (because it’s so huge, and not encrypted). Though I have also good savings on Instagram, and on general web surfing.

  • http://dan.cx/ Daniel Lo Nigro

    So is this the same proxy technology as Opera Mini or is it totally different?

    • Ian Tompsett

      Remember they bought Skyfire? I think that brought them the video compression technology, so it’s probably a combination, of this and the Off-Road/Mini compression.

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