Opera Max global test release available NOW

We love the internet. It’s a great place, with lots of information and funny content. We believe everyone should have access to it. One of our latest innovations that will bring the internet to many more people is called Opera Max. It saves you a ton of data on your phone apps. And it’s free!

Opera Max is currently available in some markets and only for Android, but don’t worry – we’re currently working to make it available for more of you:

Today, we’re rolling out a test release of Opera Max. Help test Opera Max in your country. We have prepared 20,000 slots for Opera Max beta testers from countries where the app is not available in Google Play.

Here’s how you can become an Opera Max tester:
1. You must have a device running Android 4.0 and up.
2. Go to http://m.opera.com/max/test to get the test release.
3. After using the Opera Max test release for a few days, you’ll get a pop-up window asking you to give your feedback about the product.

Your input will help us determine where to make Opera Max officially available.

Please note: This Opera Max test release is not available in China. And if you’re from the United States, Europe, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, just head to Google Play and download Opera Max from there.

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  • http://ratkutti.wordpress.com Karthikeyan

    Opera in some form in Windows Phone, that’d be great! Missing Opera from my NSeries days.

  • Quincy Bruckerhoff

    Would love to do it, but on an iphone.

    • Ricardo Ortiz

      You can use Coast

  • http://www.operaturkiye.net/ Mağruf Çolakoğlu

    Of course Turkey.

  • El Acido

    Testing in El Salvador, thanks Opera!

  • Waytoliberty

    Why is not available in China?Could you let it available for me?Thanks!

    • Dominus 75

      The Americans are probably afraid you’re gonna hack them:) CIA tried to convince Norwegian Government NOT to cooperate with Huawei a couple of years ago.. True fact!

  • http://www.flowers2korea.com/Christmas-Flowers-SouthKorea.asp Christmas2
  • Joe Li

    Why not make it available in China ??!!

    • Sang Pemanah

      Opera Max it power full , can not copy !!Pakar Seo

  • Deqn G.

    Bulgaria… with soon the brand new (or at least improved) “Telenor” network.

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  • FoxkidMCF .

    I didn’t know Europe was a country.

    • Rafael Luik

      You know you’re the only one saying it is, right?

  • Dominus 75

    Unrelated topic, but MAN i regret bying the iPhone.. I’m a Paranoid Android. Without an Android. :)

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    Today, we’re rolling out a test release of Opera Max. Help test Opera Max in your country. We have prepared 20,000 slots for Opera Max beta testers from countries where the app is not available in Google Play. Good post


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