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Working at Opera since January 2009. Currently I am team lead for our Linux desktop browser.

Update to Opera developer 30.0.1833.0

We have a further update to Opera Developer. It includes a Chromium update (43.0.2334.0). We have also added support for MSE in conjunction with H.264 on recent versions of Mac and Windows, meaning that 60FPS H.264 videos will now play. Additionally, courgette is now used for updates on Windows, meaning even smaller updates than ever...

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Opera developer moves to version 30

Today Opera developer has been updated to version 30 (30.0.1812.0). For this release we will continue to work on our extension sidebar implementation (already 20 sidebar extensions have appeared). We are also working to improve the features hidden behind various flags that have yet to be enabled. As always, there will be more information on...

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Update to Opera developer 29.0.1795.14

Today’s update to developer starts the process of stabilization—to bring it up to beta quality. As you would therefore expect, all changelog entries are bugfixes rather than major feature improvements. In addition we have upgraded Chromium to 42.0.2311.11. Please let us know how close we are too beta quality, so that we can get the...

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Sidebar extensions, Speed Dial syncing and customizable shortcuts in Opera Developer 29

Today we have a very interesting update to our developer channel, with almost 150 fixes and improvements and an update to Chromium (42.0.2305.3). The three major changes in this build are support for new sidebar extensions, updates to Speed Dial and keyboard shortcut customization. Our new sidebar What are sidebar extensions? As the name suggests,...

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